Dark Lord Day 2017

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Dark Lord Day 2017

Date: May 13, 2017


Dark Lord Day 2017 was held on Saturday May 13, 2017. The festival was moved back two weeks, from the usual last weekend in April, in hopes of better weather. The date was announced on October 13, 2016. A significant change this year was the announcement that variants would be split evenly between the groups and also handed out at random as opposed to letting people pick their variant, this change was announced one week before the festival. Also changed, was the announcement that those who miss their Group sales time would not be able to collect their bottles during later Group times (as was the case in previous years), but would instead have to wait until after Group E at 7:00 pm to collect their bottles.

The website update went live on March 10, 2017.

Variants and bands were announced on April 27, 2017.

Festival map was released on May 8, 2017, along with the announcement that guests would be able to enter a staging area starting at 6:00 am. This area will allow access to port-o-lets and food trucks prior to the main festival gates opening at 9:00 am.

Announcement from Three Floyds:

"Ticket, ID, and bag checks begin at the Main Entrance at 6 a.m. Once inside, guests will have access to port-o-lets and a breakfast food truck. Festival gates open and draft beer sales begin at 9 a.m. A separate line will be available for Group A ticket holders to queue before festival gates open. Will-call ticket holders will check in at the Ticket Resolution tent, located through the Main Entrance. Ticket Resolution opens at 6 a.m. See the site map for more details."


The festival hours were: 9AM – 9PM. However guests were allowed to go through security and enter a staging area starting at 6:00 AM.

Wax Color

Green with sparkles

Allotment & Price

4 bottles. Included in ticket price.

1 barrel aged Dark Lord variant or 2 vintage Dark Lord bottles also included with ticket.


8,000 - 10,000

Notable Food Options

  • Dark Lord Bread Pudding & Dark Lord Ice Cream - (Bread pudding topped with Dark Lord ice cream, candied pecans, caramel, shaved chocolate) $6.00
  • Fried Chicken Sandwich (Buttermilk fried chicken, zombie dust beer cheese, coleslaw, pickles, brioche, chips)
  • Cheeseburger (cheeseburger topped with bbq pulled pork and ranch dressing, pickles, chips) $12.00
  • Tacos (Smoked brisket, jalapeno sour cream, pickled radish, queso fresco, cilantro)
  • Smoked meats (14 hour Brisket or pork shoulder, white bread, pickles, buttermilk bbq sauce, dark lord bbq sauce)
  • Dark Lord Cheddar sausage (Dark Lord Mustard, aioli, pickled onion & jalapeno, chips) $9.00
  • Smoked Lamb Gyro
  • Dark Lord Hot Dog
  • Shaved Parmesan Donuts

Food Trucks

  • DönerMen Food Truck
  • The Corner Farmacy Food Truck
  • Bartlett's Gourmet Grill Food Truck


Minion Shirt

This was the shirt worn by volunteers/staff for the event.

See video for better view.


The brewpub was closed for the event.


High: 79 °F Low: 42 °F

Sunny, scattered clouds.

Group Sales Schedule

  • Group A - 9:00am - 11:00am
  • Group B - 11:00am - 1:00pm
  • Group C - 1:00pm - 3:00pm
  • Group D - 3:00pm - 5:00pm
  • Group E - 5:00pm - 7:00pm

Festival Map & Layout

Dark Lord Day 2017 Map


Cost: $180

Vendor: eTix

Date: 3/18/2017

Number of tickets sold: Estimated 10,000.

Tickets cost $180.00. Down $20 from 2016. However the tickets no longer include $40 worth of food/drink vouchers. Included with the ticket:

  • Entrance to the festival grounds.
  • 4 bottles of 2017 Dark Lord Imperial Stout.
  • 1 bottle of a rare Dark Lord variant or 2 bottles of vintage Dark Lord
  • You will receive a commemorative tote bag with your allotment.

This notice was added to the ticket sales site the day before tickets went on sale:

A variant will not be guaranteed. It will be a variant or 2 vintage bottles of Dark Lord beer.

Tickets were again sold through etix.com.

Tickets went sale on Saturday March 18, 2017. At noon Central time. After a few minutes the site appeared to crash for many people. Slowly the site became available for more and more people and they were able to complete checkout. While the site would often report that no tickets were available, tickets did not completely sell out for several hours, with some people able to purchase Group E tickets after 5:00pm.

On Wednesday, May 10th a limited number of will-call Group A tickets went on sale on the Three Floyds website. For these you would be required to e-mail a photocopy of your ID, which must match the name on the tickets and on the credit card used to purchase.

Brewpub Ticket Sales

Group A tickets went on sale at the brewpub at 8:00 am on Saturday, April 29. The announcement was posted on Facebook/Twitter at midnight the night before.

This year there was a limit of 2 per person. Tickets sold out at 4:29 pm.

On Monday, May 8th Guy's Drinking Beer tweeted that a few dozen tickets were going to be available at the brewpub on Tuesday, May 9th at 11:00 am. Again limit 2 for Group A.

Ticket Designs

Unique designs for 2017

2017 a.jpg


FFF Taps

2017 Three Floyds Taps

Guest Taps

2017 Guest Taps

Dark Matter Coffee

Dark Matter Coffee will again be present at Dark Lord day selling coffee, espresso, and merchandise.


  • Black Hole Necromancer Blood Lord coffee bomber (Qty: 1000)
  • Cocoa Vanilla Black Hole Necromancer Blood Lord coffee bomber with vanilla and cocoa (Qty: 200)
  • Galactic vibrations: Galaxy dry hopped Vista Hermosa Pacas Black Honey coffee bomber.
  • Citra Hopped Pacas: Citra hopped Vista Hermosa Pacas Black Honey coffee bomber. (Qty: 200)
  • Blood Lord Coffee Mug
  • Blood Lord Coffee: Bags of Blood Lord Coffee
  • Mini Snifters: Green, Front Three Floyds Skull Logo, Back Dark Matter Logo. ($25 for pack of 2)


  • ChemTrailMix — Dark Lord aged in bourbon barrels with cinnamon and pink peppercorns
  • Ronaldo — Dark Lord aged in Muscat barrels with tart Michigan cherries
  • Dark Lord De Muerte — Dark Lord aged in bourbon barrels with guajillo peppers
  • Marshmallow Handjee — Bourbon barrel aged Dark Lord with vanilla beans
  • Bourbon barrel-aged Dark Lord — Dark Lord aged in bourbon barrels
  • Dia Oscuro — Dark Lord aged in ardbeg barrels
  • French Vanilla Militia — Dark Lord Aged in Muscat Barrels with Vanilla, Cocoa Nibs and Coffee


  • Powermad
  • River Black
  • Goatwhore
  • High on Fire
  • Amon Amarth


Artist: Dan Grzeca



Photo Album


Press Coverage

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