Dark Lord Day 2005

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Date: April 29, 2005


Dark Lord Day 2005 was held on Friday, April 29th. This was the second bottled release of Dark Lord, and the first year the release was celebrated as an event. As such, it could be considered to be the first true Dark Lord Day. The entire fest fit inside of the brewery taproom (This was before the brewpub was built).

2005 Dark Lord was the only year Dark Lord bottles hit distribution. Three Floyds requested TTB label approval for Dark Lord in April of 2005. It was available at several Binny's and Sam's locations throughout Chicagoland, and was still available months after release at some suburban locations. Some discussion here and here.


Wax Color

Orange. However, some buyers also reported buying some bottles with a lighter color wax closer to yellow. See photo gallery.

Allotment & Price

Two case limit (24 bottles). $15 a bottle / $150 a case.

The following day (Saturday), they imposed a 1 case limit. It sold out later that day.


Estimated 100-200.


Alpha King, Gumballhead, Gorch Foch, Alpha Kong, Thulza Doom


The brewpub was not yet built at Dark Lord Day 2005.


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