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File:2019 Track1.jpg|Track Jacket (front)
File:2019 Track1.jpg|Track Jacket (front)
File:2019 Track2.jpg|Track Jacket (back)
File:2019 Track2.jpg|Track Jacket (back)
File:2019Tank1.jpg|Womens Tank Top (front)
File:2019Tank2.jpg|Womens Tank Top (back)

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DarkLord 8bit 1.jpg

Date: May 18, 2019


Dark Lord Day 2019 was held on Saturday May 18. The date was announced on December 5th, 2018. Website was updated and ticket sales date was announced on Tuesday, January 15th. Band lineup was announced March 22nd, with an update to the lineup on April 16th with the addition of Atlas Moth and Sacred Reich. On May 11th, variants were announced along with the festival map. On May 16th, variant tap times were announced.

This year featured the same RFID wristband ticket system as in 2018.

In the morning the 72oz limit was again being strictly enforced with some variation depending on who was checking your bag. The rules seemed to relax a bit as the day went on.

Shortly after 3:00pm heavy thunderstorms rolled in. Event staff shut down much of the event; bands stopped performing, beer stopped pouring, food stopped being sold, and attendees were asked to evacuate the tents (for fear of lightning strikes). Those who did were understandably upset at being out in the rain without any music or beer, although most refused to leave the large tent. Guests were also not permitted to enter the event during this time. Bottle pickups for Group D continued during the storm. Almost 2 hours later around 4:30 or 5:00pm the festival resumed as normal. After the storm passed the crowd had thinned somewhat as many people left. Due to the delay, High on Fire's set was cut short, and they were forced to end just before their encore.


The festival hours were: 9AM – 9PM

Wax Color

Magenta with glitter

Allotment & Price

4 bottles of Dark Lord and 1 Dark Lord variant. Included in ticket price.



A brewery spokesman said that they sold more tickets this year than any year prior.

Food Menu

  • Hot Wings - Smoked + fried wings tossed in Dark Lord de Muerte hot sauce, house ranch / $8
  • 3 Floyds jerky - Thin-sliced beef flank steak, rubbed + smoked, served warm / $9
  • BBQ Brisket Nachos - Smoked brisket, tortilla chips, cheese, pico de gallo, pickled jalapeño, cilantro / $12
  • Corndog - Howard + Sons hot dog, Zombie Dust ketchup, Dark Lord mustard, chips / $8
  • Vegan Corndog - Zombie Dust ketchup, Dark Lord mustard, chips / $8
  • Smoked Brisket - Half-pound, house pickles, Alabama white BBQ sauce, bread / $15
  • Harlem Chopped Cheese - Ground beef, caramelized onions + peppers, American cheese, garlic aioli, lettuce, chips / $10
  • Grilled Kielbasa Sandwich - Housemade pork sausage, Dark Lord mustard, braised red cabbage, potato bun, chips
  • Vegan Gyro - Housemade seitan, “tzatziki” sauce, lettuce, onions, pita, chips / $10
  • Cuban Chimichanga - Fried burrito stuffed with smoked mojo pork, ham, pickles, Swiss, house mustard / $11
  • Cheeseburger - Half-pound patty, Alpha King cheddar, bacon + onion relish, ranch, bbq sauce, pickles, brioche bun, chips / $12
  • Dark Lord Creamsicle - Dipped in spiced chocolate, cocoa nibs, chili powder / $5
  • ChemtrailMix Ice Cream Cone - Housemade ice cream, sugar cone / $5

Food Trucks

  • DönerMen Food Truck
  • Grindhouse Cafe


Some of the items for sale had the wrong date printed, May 19 instead of May 18, such as the lunch box. Some of the these items had corrected versions for sale on the web store after the event.

These items were sold by the Indiana Craft Brewers Guild.

Minion Shirt

This was the shirt worn by volunteers/staff for the event.

Tote Bag


The brewpub was closed for the event.


High: 85 °F Low: 68 °F

Sunny and warm in the morning and early afternoon. Severe thunderstorms starting around 3:10pm. Rain cleared out by 5:00pm.

Group Sales Schedule

  • Group A - 9:00am - 11:00am
  • Group B - 11:00am - 1:00pm
  • Group C - 1:00pm - 3:00pm
  • Group D - 3:00pm - 5:00pm
  • Group E - 5:00pm - 7:00pm

Festival Map & Layout

A similar layout to 2018. This year the band stage was enclosed by a tent, and the Friends of Floyds tent was also moved.

Dark Lord Day 2019 Map


Cost: $180

Vendor: eTix

Sales Date: 3/23/2019

Included with the ticket:

  • Festival admission
  • Metal show
  • 4 bottles of 2019 Dark Lord Russian-Style Imperial Stout
  • 1 bottle of a rare 2019 Dark Lord variant at random
  • Tote bag

Tickets went on sale Saturday, March 23rd at noon (Central) and sold out between 6:30pm and 7:00pm (Central). Wristbands this year arrived with a sheet of 8bit themed stickers.

Brewpub Ticket Sales

Brewpub tickets went on sale on Saturday May 4th at 10:30am. 300 Group A tickets were available. Sales were announced on Thursday May 2nd at 5:30pm Central via social media.

Last Minute Ticket Sales

A very small number of left over on-hold tickets were made available on the official 3 Floyds website under the merchandise/store section. They were Group A tickets. These quietly went on sale on Thursday 5/16.

Wristband Designs

Unique designs for 2019

2019 GroupA.jpg


Guest Taps

2019 Guest Taps

Guest taps provided by:

  • 18th Street Brewery
  • Against the Grain Brewery
  • Anspach & Hobday
  • Ardent Craft Ales
  • Argus Brewery
  • B. Nektar
  • Barrel Theory Beer
  • Bent Paddle Brewing
  • Boneyard Beer
  • Bottle Logic Brewing
  • Brasserie Dieu du Ciel
  • Burial Beer
  • Burn ’Em Brewing
  • Cellarmen’s
  • Central State Brewing
  • Commonwealth Brewing
  • Cycle Brewing
  • Equilibrium Brewery
  • Fair State Brewing Cooperative
  • Fat Head’s
  • Firestone Walker Brewing
  • Founders Brewing
  • Gigantic Brewing
  • Half Acre Beer
  • Haymarket Brewing
  • Hop Butcher for the World
  • Marz Community Brewing
  • Mikkeller San Diego
  • Modern Times Beer
  • Modist Brewing
  • Monday Night Brewing
  • New Oberpfalz Brewing
  • Northern Monk
  • Off Color Brewing
  • Off Square Brewing
  • Oxbow Brewing
  • Penrose Brewing
  • Pipeworks Brewing
  • Pizza Port Brewing
  • Prairie Artisan Ales
  • Revolution Brewing
  • Scarlet Lane Brewing
  • Short’s Brewing
  • Side Project Brewing
  • Sour Note Brewing
  • Sun King Brewery
  • The Answer Brewpub
  • The Rare Barrel
  • TRVE Brewing
  • Upland Brewing
  • Urban Chestnut Brewing
  • WarPigs Brewing USA
  • Wiseacre Brewing

Dark Matter Coffee

Dark Matter Coffee was again present at Dark Lord Day. Serving coffee and selling merchandise.


  • (RyeBADL) — Dark Lord aged in rye barrels
  • (xBBA xDVR) — Dark Lord aged in bourbon barrels + Divine Rite malt whiskey barrels
  • (xRBA xDVR) — Dark Lord aged in rye barrels + Divine Rite malt whiskey barrels
  • BBADL — Dark Lord aged in bourbon barrels
  • Brosure - Dark Lord aged in ruby red port barrels
  • Cavaleiro of Varnov - Dark Lord aged in Calvados barrels
  • ChemTrailMix — Dark Lord aged in rye barrels with cinnamon + pink peppercorns
  • French Vanilla Militia — Dark Lord aged in Sauternes barrels with vanilla, cocoa nibs + coffee
  • Loadstar — Dark Lord aged in Sauternes whiskey barrels with toasted coconut
  • Lounge Against the Macromachine — Dark Lord aged in bourbon barrels + finished in tequila barrels with Mekong cinnamon, cocoa nibs, guajillo peppers + tangerine peel
  • Marshmallow Handjee — Bourbon barrel aged Dark Lord with vanilla beans
  • Reptilefund — Dark Lord aged in bourbon barrels and mezcal barrels
  • ’RRARI Crochet — Dark Lord aged in port whiskey barrels with vanilla, freeze-dried strawberries, cocoa nibs + toasted coconut


  • High on Fire
  • Nuclear Assault
  • Power Trip
  • Sacred Reich
  • The Atlas Moth
  • Minsk
  • River Black
  • Canyon of the Skull
  • DJ sets by Gregg Elzinga

Power Trip was forced to cancel their set at the last minute as a band member was seriously injured in a bike accident and required surgery, they announced this via social media the day before the event. Canyon of the Skull was announced as a replacement, and shifted the schedule taking first set.



Artist: Dan Grzeca

Poster 2019.jpeg


Photo Album


Shuttle Buses

Press Coverage